The Parallels Between British And American Discourse

It has been an interesting couple of days in politics. Yesterday, Afropunk writer Erin White penned an article titled "Betsy DeVos Is Not 'Dumb', She's a Dangerous White Woman with an Agenda". In it, White simply and devastatingly points out how unfit DeVos is for her job - her crusade to divert public funds to private schools... Continue Reading →

Is Anti-Semitism Worse Than Islamophobia?

It has been an interesting time in British media over the last few months. One of the prevailing narratives has been that there is an endemic anti-Semitism problem in the Labour party. Almost every branch of the mainstream media, from the BBC, to the Guardian, to Sky News have had many leading articles on the... Continue Reading →

Spare some change?

A couple of quick stories. I was walking home a couple of months ago when I came across a man who laid in the street, crying. I approached him and asked him what was wrong and he said he needed to be "taken away, because he was sick". He was a veteran who was now... Continue Reading →

Brock Turner And Rape

Brock Turner is in the news again. He is attempting to have his conviction overturned. For those of you have forgotten (and in this age of 24 hour news, that is understandable), Turner was a student at Stanford with an extensive history of substance abuse, when he was found guilty of assault with intent to rape... Continue Reading →

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