Angela Smith’s “funny tinge” comment showed she was right about institutional racism

My second of the article of the year to be published at Media Diversified. Angela Smith didn’t realise how right she was when she said that British politics was structurally racist. She may have been talking about the Labour Party, but her comments show that her new party (if it ever becomes one) will have the same issue

Media Diversified

The launch of The Indepedent group of former Labour MPs was much derided following the debacle of Angela Smith referring to BAME people as a “a funny tinge”. However as Angelo Irving writes, the remark reveals much about the institutional racism the fledgling party professes to abhor

Monday 18th February. A day that saw a new political movement birthed. Seven Labour MPs resigned from the party citing Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, his handling of Brexit and structural antisemitism as their reasons for doing so. Appearing on Politics Live, one of the self-styled Independent Group, Angela Smith, savaged her former party over its record on antisemitism, claiming “the culture of the Labour Party is vicious, it’s bullying, it’s unpleasant”.

Smith wasn’t alone in her criticism. Shortly before a clip of fellow Labour deserter Mike Gapes had aired with the MP saying he was “sickened that the Labour Party is now a…

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Why It’s Time For A White History Month

How’s your week going? Good? Good. Mine started with a group of young men cycling past me in the street and slowing down to call me a “big black nigger”. The next day Liam Neeson, whilst promoting his new film, recounted a story where, after hearing his friend had been raped, asked her what colour... Continue Reading →

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