Review: The Canary and the Crow

*Editor's note - I will be reviewing plays throughout the next year. I applied for, and got accepted onto, a new theatre critic course, funded by the wonderful people at Middle Child. Also, I know things have been quiet on the site; I can now confidently say that dissertations don't write themselves. Once it is... Continue Reading →

‘Boris’, A Fictional Tale

Boris wasn't a racist. Not really. He was a...provocateur. To him there was no difference between the two words, but one sounded better, so provocateur he was. He was also a lad. What made him a lad no one really knew. Or people would say they knew but couldn't articulate. Or they could articulate it... Continue Reading →


Today marks a year to the day since I started to the site. Thank you to all that have read and shared. It means a lot. Thank you to my friends, new and old, family, old and young. On with today's post. To hear some people tell it, snowflakes are ruining the planet. These young,... Continue Reading →

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