Why Banning Energy Drinks For Children Is Long Overdue

The government have announced plans to ban the sale of highly caffeinated drinks like Monster and Red Bull to children. About time. The consumption of those drinks by children is ruining lives. That sounds like a grand claim, but it is true. I will never forget my final months in one of my old schools.... Continue Reading →

Answer The Question! Why People Don’t Trust Politicians

https://youtu.be/4y_mo2LE6HE?t=308 Watch the above video. More than anything I write, this interview tells you all you need to know about why there is so little trust in politicians. May is asked what she did to help facilitate the release of Nelson Mandela in the 70s and 80s. She has a slight smirk, not, I think,... Continue Reading →

Asia Argento Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault. I’m Not Surprised

Asia Argento, the actress, was one of the early accusers of Harvey Weinstein, taking a stand back when it was still potentially dangerous for her career and Weinstein had power. It was courageous, and almost certainly emboldened other women who stepped forward to denounce Weinstein. Her actions have helped to lead to an open conversation... Continue Reading →

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