We Don’t Need No Education…

I spent two glorious weeks earlier this month taking my four nephews, aged 6-11, to school. The eldest one is in year 6 and is looking forward to going to secondary school. The school that he is going to is a well thought of comprehensive school which is over-subscribed. From September, It will also close... Continue Reading →

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A New Hero With Old Enemies

"I see that there are many young people here; as an old man, a little advice... Life can set us a lot of snares, a lot of bumps, we can fail a thousand times, in life, in love, in the social struggle, but if we search for it we'll have the strength to get up... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday

I spend every day trawling through the news and, if I'm honest, it can be a tough slog. So I have decided that Wednesday, hump day, will be the good news day on the website. I will find the good news and place it here. If there is good news that you know about, email... Continue Reading →

On Masculinity Part 2

We'll start today with a game of Did You Know? Did you know that: Worldwide, men are committing suicide at four times the rate of women? Barring Costa Rica, Colombia and the Indian state Himachal Pradesh, girls are outperforming boys in school worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic factors? In the UK, Boys are over three times more... Continue Reading →

The Problem With Tribes

"I'm diabetic...[but] I don't support it." Patrice O'Neal - Elephant in the Room One of my favourite questions is: "tell me about yourself". It is one of the most intimate things you can ask someone.  How would you answer it? By leading with your job? Relationship status? Political leanings? Music you like? What about the... Continue Reading →

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