The President Is Terrible

Ugh.  In 17 months, the President of the United States has watched as  300,000 people have been deported from the country. Per The Marshall Project: [About] 60 percent of them were immigrants with no criminal conviction or whose only crime was immigration-related, such as illegal entry or re-entry. Twenty-one percent were convicted of nonviolent crimes... Continue Reading →

People That Disagree With Me Are Just Wrong

Below is a selection of tweets that have come across my timeline in the last 12 hours: There are days when I struggle to write. I tell myself that writing about any of the above topics is pointless. Pointless because I convince myself that most people have a universal moral compass... Continue Reading →

On Masculinity Part 1

In 2004, I was seconds away from death. I was in a car, on the way to London for a night out. The music was playing and my friends and I were singing loudly. On the M2, there is a bridge that is notorious for amplifying the effects of the wind. The road was wet... Continue Reading →

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