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Welcome to my site. I quit teaching, my job of 9 years, in March. I didn’t know what the future held. With newly discovered free time, I started on May 3rd this year. My goal was to write about the news in a way I wasn’t seeing. I have covered a variety of topics, from Hip-hop to the local bus service; Amy Winehouse to the weather; Grenfell to the Royal Wedding; masculinity to Brexit, and so much more. In that time I have had over 300,000 impressions on Twitter, 5000 views of the website and thousands read the poem I wrote, “The Ballad of Grenfell”. I have been accepted at university to do a postgrad in English Literature and made some unbelievable new friends (they know who they are). I have exchanged correspondence with sitting MPs and talked (on Twitter) to New York Times bestsellers and Oscar-winning directors. If you want to read my blog, great, I think you’ll find something on there that you’ll like. But I’m not writing this for promotion. I’m writing it to say this: if you feel you are stuck in a rut, trapped in a job or a life that is taking more from you than you get from it, change. It is frightening, and I respect that people have mortgages, children, bills to pay and a million other expenses. Making a decision to invest in yourself is the best investment you can make. As one of my friends is very fond of saying: stay positive and love your life!

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