Happy Wednesday

I spend every day trawling through the news and, if I’m honest, it can be a tough slog. So I have decided that Wednesday, hump day, will be the good news day on the website. I will find the good news and place it here. If there is good news that you know about, email me at theblackunicornblog@gmail.com. Have a great Wednesday.

  • Dear White People has been renewed for a third series
    If you haven’t seen this Netflix series, then you are missing out on one of the most aesthetically and substantively fulfilling series released in a long time. What really stands out is the quality of acting: this is an ensemble cast, and whether it is Ashley Blaine Featherson and Antoinette Robertson’s stereotype breaking performances as dark-skinned, nuanced black women, Deron Horton’s portrayal of being young, male and gay (and so much more) or Marque Richardson’s Emmy-worthy exploration of PTSD (no spoilers, but episode 5 of season one, directed by Moonlight’s Barry Jenkins, is one of the best episodes of any show I have ever seen), this is a world that needs space to continue telling its story.
  • Akon is using his fame for good
    Whatever you feel about Akon’s music, there is no denying his positive impact on the world. He has used his influence and money to bring solar power to 18 African countries and cofounded a health and education charity for children in West Africa and America. His latest venture, a plan to build a “crypto city” with cryptocurrency in Senegal, which he has called an attempt create a “real life Wakanda” is, undoubtedly, a positive news story.
  • Toronto has the world’s first pay what you can grocery store
    The amount of food that we waste is borderline unforgiveable. So a combined grocery store, bakery and coffee shop sourced from food and ingredients that were in date but destined for landfills, qualifies as a good news story. What takes this story over the top, though, is that it asks customers to pay what you can. This allows people that are struggling financially to not have to choose between bills and food, a very real reality for many. Here’s to hoping that this model will prove popular and spreads throughout the world.
  • The World Cup has been a positive
    The biggest criticism of the World Cup has been the implementation of VAR. This doesn’t sound like a good news story, but think about it for a moment and it is. The press before the tournament was negative, whether because of criticism of the Russian government, fears of racist chanting or just the idea, promoted by the media, that Russia is the Ivan Drago of countries (A 33 year old film reference? Way to know your audience – Ed). The stories that have come out of the World Cup have forced many to rethink their views of Russia and may lead to a less incendiary coverage of it, and that qualifies as a good news story.
  • The Creed 2 trailer
    I’m not going to spoil this trailer – watch it now – but I am going to say that my friend is a real film connoisseur and he thought that the first Creed was better than The Revenant, a view that I strongly agree with, despite my love of DiCaprio. I’m worried that Ryan Coogler isn’t directing the sequel, but if you think that is going to stop me from watching this film, “you’re off your, off your head”.
  • And lastly, this
    acceptance letter
    This is the best email I have received in a long time. I could not be more excited to start the next chapter of my life at university and I’m thankful to the University of Sheffield for the opportunity. Have a great day.


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