Happy Wednesday (LeBron James Edition)

In 2001, if you had said that Usher was the second coming of Michael Jackson, you wouldn't have been laughed out of the room. His second and third albums, My Way and 8701 combined to go 10x platinum and won him a handful of Grammys. His dancing during the instrumental section of the U Remind Me video could have... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday (The Power Of The Individual Edition)

Welcome to the happiest place on the web, the Happy Wednesday column. And boy, is today's post needed. I'm not even going to talk about all that is going on in the world - we are bombarded with it all the time. If you're reading this, it is because you, like me, want a break... Continue Reading →

Happy Wednesday

I spend every day trawling through the news and, if I'm honest, it can be a tough slog. So I have decided that Wednesday, hump day, will be the good news day on the website. I will find the good news and place it here. If there is good news that you know about, email... Continue Reading →

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