R. Kelly is a free man because we’re “Disgusted”

My first post of 2019, written for Media Diversified, looks at R Kelly, who is back in the news and considers what role disgust has played in keeping him out of jail. Thank you for all the support – I plan to make 2019 even bigger than last year.

Media Diversified

With the recent documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, many are asking why the self-styled “Pied piper of R&B” has got away with it for so long. Angelo Irving asks if our disgust really translates into action.

Content Note: This article contains explicit reference to acts of child sexual abuse, please read on with caution.

Editor’s note: We are not linking to any R. Kelly songs or videos from this piece.

I wrote about R. Kelly last year after a number of music streaming services decided to stop promoting his music. At the time I expressed mocking surprise that they had done anything, because his victims, black women and girls, have been historically invisible.

Lifetime released a docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, which has once again shone a light on the history of Kelly’s alleged transgressions. However it does more than that. It highlight the complicity of so many who…

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