Forge Review: Red Dead Redemption 2

The idea of Rockstar creating a subversive game is nothing new. The GTA series is an astute critique of consumer culture, Michael Di Santa’s empty life and emotional detachment despite his wealth serving as a modern-day morality tale. It is impossible to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2), Rockstar’s latest gaming behemoth, without looking... Continue Reading →

Minority Retort

University has been wonderful. One of the seminars that I am in is my new favourite place. We are an odd bunch and all the better for it: queer, multi-ethnic and working-class to name but a few. Our group chat is a melting pot of ideas, enhanced by the different areas of interest and life... Continue Reading →

I’m Stubborn

Don't let the smile fool you. Anyone that knows me will tell you I'm stubborn. It is one of the best and worst things about me. When someone tells me that I cannot do something, I get an uncontrollable desire to prove that someone wrong. The satisfaction I derive from achieving the impossible is innate:... Continue Reading →

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