R. Kelly is a free man because we’re “Disgusted”

My first post of 2019, written for Media Diversified, looks at R Kelly, who is back in the news and considers what role disgust has played in keeping him out of jail. Thank you for all the support – I plan to make 2019 even bigger than last year.

Media Diversified

With the recent documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly, many are asking why the self-styled “Pied piper of R&B” has got away with it for so long. Angelo Irving asks if our disgust really translates into action.

Content Note: This article contains explicit reference to acts of child sexual abuse, please read on with caution.

Editor’s note: We are not linking to any R. Kelly songs or videos from this piece.

I wrote about R. Kelly last year after a number of music streaming services decided to stop promoting his music. At the time I expressed mocking surprise that they had done anything, because his victims, black women and girls, have been historically invisible.

Lifetime released a docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, which has once again shone a light on the history of Kelly’s alleged transgressions. However it does more than that. It highlight the complicity of so many who…

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One thought on “R. Kelly is a free man because we’re “Disgusted”

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  1. I have seen the news an read some articles about Mr. Kelly and this is my personal take on it all. In no way shape R fashion condone what people say he has done. Mr. Kelly has a reputation that proceeds him, with that being said, my question is: why in the name of all is good why would these women and or girls put themselves in that situation?
    Not blaming them I am merely asking the question. This is my personal thoughts. For many many years Mr Kelly has been labelled one thing or another. Everybody everywhere has heard one time or another knows what is said about him. So why would you put yourself in that situation in not one of these alleged did he pull not one of his supposed victims by their hair kicking and screaming in coming with him.
    I’m a 52 yr old woman and I have seen some things in my years. This is in my opinion a witch hunt. I do not condone his supposed actions, but when are these women gonna be accountable for their actions? In the past his cases were settled with a cash payout. Who’s to say that these women coming forth aren’t looking for the same payday. If things are as they say I sympathize with them. If they are saying these things for a payment, they need to realize they are ruining this man’s life. As a musical artist I have total respect for his work, and will never stop listening to his music…he is a musical genius. His personal life no matter how public is none of my personal concern. If the women that accuse him of the terrible things they say he did I pray for your well being. Get what you need to heal.
    All I have said is my personal opinion. God bless all that are involved.


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