Is Drill Killing Teenagers In London? No. The Tories Are

At the start of the academic year, I was a panel member at Sheffield University  "ACS Great Debate Tour". There were two civil servants in the audience, who had been invited to speak to the audience about career opportunities in their profession and the first thing they did was to acknowledge their whiteness. More on... Continue Reading →

Black British History Month: A Musical Celebration

Music has always been a great way to bring people together. This Black History Month, I wanted to take a whistle stop tour through 20 years of black British music. The dance scene of the 90’s had morphed from acid house, to the Ministry of Sound inspired house music (with the inimitable sound of MC... Continue Reading →

Can We Talk About The Democratic Of Congo? Part 2

I spent the morning watching City of Joy, a documentary set in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), about a centre of the same name, that is opened in Bukavu, to work with female victims of the war that have suffered an almost unbearable amount. I wrote this on Twitter directly afterwards: I don't know... Continue Reading →

Amy Winehouse And Icons

October 2006 may go down as one of the all time great album release months for music. This millennium anyway. The entire year of 1977 is untouchable. Seriously. Pick a month (February - Ed). Ok, here's the February 1977 playlist. Say goodbye to the next 34 minutes of your life. A random month and we have... Continue Reading →

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