100 Not Out

It feels a little bit surreal to be writing these words. When I started this back in May, I had no idea how consistent I would be, what I would write about or even why I was writing beyond “I have a lot to say”. Friday was the 100th article posted but as:

A. It was guest written and
B. It was about a very serious topic

I didn’t feel it appropriate to conflate the story with the milestone. I’ve thought a lot (?…Ed) well I’ve thought a little bit about what I want to say today and it is to give thanks and keep people informed on what the site will look like going forward.

My first thank you is to my friends and family who have read and shared. The support that I have received has been quite amazing. I’m naming and shaming you all.
• To James, we may never have got onmessage.com, but the site is its spiritual son. Many people have asked if you are the editor, which lets me know the tone is about right

• To Amy, thank you for guest writing the 100th posted piece, and for so many other things. I appreciate it.

• To Alex, for helping me to help myself and for helping me realise that it’s ok to be Owen even if you want to be Andy

• To Nono, Solly, HG and Marleymonster, thanks for the mad 2 weeks that we had walking up and down Mount Everest

• To The Smile Maker, thank you for your encouragement, the late night bike rides, the DVDs, the drive and for telling the best story I’ve ever heard

• To Lucy, would that everyone had a friend like you

• To Nadia, for your sardonic takes and conversations at all hours

• To Becky and Mark, 2 of the best people I know, you are one of a large group that inspire me to be better everyday

• To AJ and BJ, who heard many of the stories in the group chat long before they ever reached the rest of the world

• To “The Wakanda Social Club”, the roast session/advice group I never knew I needed

• To the Korosecs and Ellen, for Thanksgiving, support, laughs and really good advice

• To Tashy, may the fire of a 1000 suffragettes forever course through your veins

• To Sarah, for your energy and honesty

• To Corrie, for rekindling my love of the DRC and many other things

• To Lay Lay, Gary, Nithi, Em, Becks and Illy, my #squadgoals

• To Avni, 4 years was quite enough. Now go and run the world

• To Franny and Paul, for everything

• To Hatto, for helping me put my body back together

• To EC, being friends with you feels like winning a competition

• To Bekah, published writer, Gym Therapist and all-around superstar

• Jords, Na and LJ, you’re the kind of people that I wish everyone knows in an emergency

• To the E9 lunchtime crew. You know who you are

• To Marj, my stylist, hairdresser, counsellor, chef, pastor, drill sergeant, comedian, Mystic Meg and the fiercest person that exists. To quote the kids of today: my day one from day one

• To Shabs, the smartest person I know and one of my daily inspirations, thank you for your fire

• To Chiv, for the weekly conversations that make me laugh and your constant support

• To Asapirv, for walking your own path

• To all the people that I know I have forgot. I love you all

Going forward, I am going to be trying lots of different things (no more relationship advice! -Ed). I am currently doing research for a couple of exciting projects and will be doing more videos and photo essays. The weekly playlist will still be a big feature and I will look to write at least 1-2 articles a week. I’ll also be trying to complete an MA and apply for a PhD in my spare time. If there’s a story that you think I should be writing, feel free to contact me at theblackunicornblog@gmail.com, or chat with me on Instagram @theblackunicornblog or Twitter @Angelo3000k. 100 posts in feels like something I never believed could happen. Now that it has, anything is possible.

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  1. Game changing posts- congratulations! Also brilliant to her you on Kofi!
    Thanks for the thanks too!
    FYI our infant school is celebrating Black History month as they do every year. x


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