Terrorism: A Fictional Tale

Tom, 24, is white. He's single. He has no education past 16 and most of his friends are online. Below is a day in his life. On waking, he fires up his computer and logs onto Facebook, Reddit, 4Chan and Twitter to check in on the news. This is the first image he sees: He... Continue Reading →

Why It’s Time For A White History Month

How’s your week going? Good? Good. Mine started with a group of young men cycling past me in the street and slowing down to call me a “big black nigger”. The next day Liam Neeson, whilst promoting his new film, recounted a story where, after hearing his friend had been raped, asked her what colour... Continue Reading →

Asia Argento Has Been Accused Of Sexual Assault. I’m Not Surprised

Asia Argento, the actress, was one of the early accusers of Harvey Weinstein, taking a stand back when it was still potentially dangerous for her career and Weinstein had power. It was courageous, and almost certainly emboldened other women who stepped forward to denounce Weinstein. Her actions have helped to lead to an open conversation... Continue Reading →

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