Chanting Monkey Noises? Racist! Grand Wizards? There’s A Reason For That

The air is thin and the climate cold atop Moral Mountain. It's inhabitants stay warm by gathering under smugs, sorry, snugs, and basking in the warmth of their moral superiority. Monday night was a good one for them. The England football team played a game in Eastern Europe (I didn't watch as I still haven't... Continue Reading →

In The US Open Final, Serena Williams Was Every Woman

"If I didn't defineĀ  myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive." - Audre Lorde Naomi Osaka played one of the best games of tennis I have ever seen on Saturday. That sounds hyperbolic, but it's true. In her first grand slam final, the 20 year old... Continue Reading →

Jamie Oliver, “Jerk Rice”, And The Outrage Of Cultural Appropriation And Whitewashing

Jamie Oliver has released something called "Punchy Jerk Rice" and there have been mainly two reactions: annoyance at cultural appropriation: And a reaction to the reaction, which runs along the lines of "don't be such snowflakes" and "what about...": Also, it's nice to know that "dick" can now be used as an insult... Continue Reading →

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