Why It’s Time For A White History Month

How’s your week going? Good? Good. Mine started with a group of young men cycling past me in the street and slowing down to call me a “big black nigger”. The next day Liam Neeson, whilst promoting his new film, recounted a story where, after hearing his friend had been raped, asked her what colour... Continue Reading →

Racism Is Bad In America. It’s Worse In England

Earlier this year I wrote a piece called "A Defence of the Gammon Community". It was well-received and I shared it with a friend of mine, who hadn't read it, last night. After reading it, she sent me a message with a criticism that made me think. She didn't overstep. She shone a needed light.... Continue Reading →

Dare To Dream…

The dream opens in the year 2025. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has just been sworn in as the first female and Latina President of the United States. Her campaign ran on a platform of fixing the economy. Her common-sense reform of the tax code, combined with closing tax loopholes, was seen by the American voters as likely... Continue Reading →

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