Vote Leave Cheated. Here’s How To Deal With It

One of my favourite memories growing up is playing computer games with my older sister. We were a Nintendo family and the two games we played most were Streetfighter 2 and Super Mario Kart.  I would love to say that the games were close, but, as Roald Dahl said in Boy, "When writing about oneself, one must... Continue Reading →

France, The World Cup, And The Power Of Representation

This is the first World Cup I have fully invested in since 2002. That year was defined by Ronaldo, the Brazilian great creating a redemption narrative that has been the bedrock of many a great story. It was also defined by his hairstyle, but that is another story for another day. Brazil beat Germany 2-0... Continue Reading →

It’s Too Hot!

2018. July. Water is trading at $80 a barrel. Hysteria is high and delusion is the new normal. The heat addled the brain of many in England who believed that football was coming home. Those that weren't interested in football had run out of things to say, no longer able to converse about the changes... Continue Reading →

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